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Welcome to WBAT, a music stream for bronies.
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When no DJ is active, DJ Otto Pirate (our bot)
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DJs will take requests, just ask them!
24 by 7 - making tomorrow seem like yesterday!
Shank - Goth/Metal/Wubs
Ashwind - Pony Tunes/Electronica
Diera - Doctor Who Audio Dramas
Rust - Metal/Death Metal/Nu Metal

WBAT is a music service for the members of the MLP roleplaying community. We have a rotation of DJ's with styles ranging from Celtic, Goth, Metal, Techno, Rock, Punk, and more. Shows run almost every night during US prime time, and well into the early mornings. When no DJ is on duty, an automated stream will run.

Shank's shows tend to be heavy on the European metal scene, goth, classic rock, blues, alternative, mash-ups, and oddities. One of Shanks's hallmarks is finding music to fit someone's character - give him some details about your character, or even your favorite shipping of canon characters, and he'll hunt down a song to match. Shank is also the lead programmer of WBAT and a member of the PonySquare staff.
The Heavy Metal Mare of WBAT, Rust is our maniac mare, mistress of metal, mash-ups, and occasional mayhem. Rust's specialty is rock and metal, along with any kick-ass remix she can get her hands on. If she can't get her hands on it, she'll make it herself. Rust has broken at least five different chairs as a result of manic chair dancing. Find her in the mosh pit, on stage rocking out, or behind the DJ turntables. Her specialty is her own insane remixes.

Our afternoon DJ, Ashwind is responsible for WBAT's auto-DJ stream, which runs when no DJ is active online. Her job is to keep the 24x7 rotating playlist fresh and updated so that people who listen when no DJ is online still get some variety in their music stream. Ashwind is also our DJ most up-to-date on brony-specific music and remixes. When not DJing, she is an active LARPer, weapons, and costume maker.
The cybernetic mare of the air waves, Alona offers a mash up of varying music, ranging anywhere from blood pumping heavy metal, classic lighter inducing rock n roll favorites, as well as numerous bass dropping Dubstep tracks. Having no set style of music, makes this mare easy to adapt to your musical needs, and will often ask for suggestions from the audiance if she feels the music needs some fresh beats. So don't be afraid to throw out some ideas!

Vinyl Scratch is our dedicated dubstep and techno DJ. Obviously many people RP as Vinyl, but this one is ours! Vinyl is something of a pitch-hitter for other DJs, filling in when someone cannot make it to a scheduled set or showing up to DJ randomly at all hours of the night. You can expect popular brony arists as well as all sorts of electronic music from all over the globe. Except for Nightcore. Anything but Nightcore, blech!
The Time Lady of WBAT, Diera's specialty is her weekly "Storytime" events. Her signature series are the Big Finish audio productions of new Doctor Who adventures, though she's been known to play other series as well. Diera has been part of the team since we started back in the days of EverQuest 1. You won't catch her DJing music as much as she used to, though she'll occasionally hit the airwaves for a set or two!